Mr. Wiggling Lobster

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Improve Health, Boost Mood And Laugh Your Tail Off With The Viral Wiggle Lobster!

Ditch the dingy cat teasers and forgotten plushies for the enriching lobster cats never want to put down. Designed to stimulate their senses, soothe separation anxiety and improve overall mood!

✅ Relieve Separation Anxiety

When you have to leave your feline alone, this wiggling toy will be their new BFF. It'll keep them entertained and prevent them from causing havoc with other household items. Let them chase and pounce on this toy, and you'll come home to a happy cat.

✅ Mental Stimulation

Keep your cats noggin in tip-top shape with this wiggling sensation. It'll have them purring like never before as they try to figure out the toy's wild moves. It's a surefire way to prevent those tough days of boredom

✅ Interactive Play

Turn playtime into a purring good time with this wagging wonder! Your feline friend will be hunting with excitement, thinking they've caught new prey. It's the perfect way to unleash some fun while stimulating important hunting senses linked to kitty happiness and mood improvement.