Multifunctional Hair Removal Brush

$21.99 USD

style: Hair removal brush

Hair removal brush

Using this updated hair rake for carpet, without much effort, but only a few sweeps ( the wider rake of the pet carpet cleaner grabs more hair at once so you can scrape less and cover more area ), you will pull shockingly much dog fur and get the whole sofa done in several minutes. JUST THAT QUICK!

A definite AWESOME MUST HAVE Pet Fur Remover for dog and cat owners.

If you are tired of leaning over or even crawling for long time on the carpet with serious elbow grease to remove pets hair with short handle tool, you definitely need to try our extended long handle broom for pet hair to clean up quickly and easily.

You may not believe it, but you will be addicted to it just like others do.

Material: Plastic.
Size: 45 * 18cm.