Herbal Cat-Joy

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Ingredients List:100% pure Silver Vine extract produced by distillation.
Suitable for cats over 3 months old.

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Get Your Cat To Fall In Love With Its New Bed Or You Instantly! 

The quickest way (almost instant) to get your cat to like something! No more wasting money on fancy beds that your cat doesn't give a cr*p about. Simply spray our Herbal Cat Joy on the new cat bed you brought and your cat will falls in love with it instantly!

Works Better Than Catnip

According to research, Only 55% of cats respond to catnip, but about 80% of cats will respond to silvervine (main ingredient of Herbal Cat Joy). Spray it on anything or even you and see your cat start rubbing itself to it right away!

Safe, Pure and Potent

Made with natural silver vine extract and without chemicals, pesticides, and other fillers; it's safe, pure, and potent. Safe for both pet and child