Celery Pets FurniGuard - Furniture Protector from Cats Scratches 18x12" (30x45cm)

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Style: 2-Pack


Introducing the FurniGuard - the ultimate solution to protect your furniture from cat scratches.

As a cat parent, you know how much your furry friend loves to sharpen their claws. But what happens when that love becomes destructive to your furniture? Our FurniGuard is here to save the day.

Our clear, durable and flexible shields are easy to install and blend seamlessly with any furniture. Not only will it save your furniture, but it will also redirect your cat's scratching behavior to more appropriate surfaces such as scratching posts, mats or pads.  It can be easily cut to fit any shape of furniture and can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

We know that your furniture is expensive, so protect it with our FurniGuard!